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The We Won’t Wait summit was powerful

The We Won’t Wait summit had a profound experience on me. It taught me about the intersectionality of care in this country and the importance of addressing the rights of professional in-home caregivers, while at the same time addressing the issues faced by family caregivers and elders.

Justice, Dignity, and Equity

Our campaign is grounded in valuing life and in the power of love — and preserving and nourishing dignity and respect in all of our relationships, whether they be caregiving relationships, or the relationships we have with others in our community. Interdependence is in our DNA.

Showcase Brings Care Stories to Hollywood

From funny to heart-wrenching, six caregivers, clients and family members from across the Los Angeles area recently told their stories in a powerful showcase called “Ask Me If I Care” at the Directors Guild Theater in Hollywood.

Share Your Care: Having Choices is Key

I am so privileged because my daughter is on Medicaid, and because of the severity of her disability she gets benefits for in-home care. I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have that kind of access.

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