No excuses: States must implement the home care rule

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The Supreme Court has affirmed that home care workers deserve minimum wage and overtime protections.

This is a result care workers have been organizing toward for years. And it finally settles a debate that’s been going on since the Department of Labor extended Fair Labor Standards Act protection to caregivers in 2013.

With the Court’s announcement, states that have been delaying implementation of the DOL’s rule have run out of excuses. They must implement the rule immediately. And they need to hear from you.

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The Supreme Court chose not to grant cert to the appeal of Home Care Ass'n of America v. Weil, effectively ending debate about the DOL's home care rule.

The women and men who care for our aging moms, dads and grandparents will now be better able to provide for their own families, too. But extending minimum wage and overtime protections to this critical workforce is not just the right thing to do — now it’s the law of the land.

It’s up to states to ensure that as they implement this rule, no one is harmed in any way. Consumers shouldn’t be hurt by cuts to home care programs and workers shouldn’t be hurt by caps on the amount of hours they can work.

Governor, please instruct the state government to do everything possible to implement this new rule fairly and without unreasonably capping caregiver hours or reducing the quality of care.