Congratulations! Home care victory in Illinois!

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For months, home care workers and consumers, with the help of advocates and activists from across Illinois, have been pushing back against Governor Rauner’s devastating plan to cap hours for home care attendants.

And this week, we won! The Rauner Administration announced that it would rescind the plan.

This is a huge victory, but it’s temporary. The state will likely submit the overtime rules through a formal process in the coming weeks, and we’ll have to speak out again to preserve quality care for home care consumers and their attendants. But for now, it’s time to celebrate.

Say congratulations to the home care attendants and people with disabilities who fought back against Governor Rauner’s terrible plan — and won!

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Congratulations to the Illinois home care attendants and people with disabilities who came together to prove that care is stronger than caps. Your commitment to providing quality care — no matter the potential consequences — is inspiring for all of us.