Governor Ige: Care for our Kupuna!

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Momentum is growing for a plan to provide support to everyone who needs long-term care in Hawaiʻi. Bills have been introduced in both houses of the legislature, and have multiple co-sponsors — including the Speaker of the House!

But one prominent elected official hasn't said whether he supports the plan — Governor David Ige has been silent so far.

In his State of the State address, Governor Ige spoke extensively about governing with compassion and leading with our state's values. It would mean a lot for this movement if he confirmed that governing with compassion includes caring for our kupuna.

Governor Ige's support would put pressure on the politicians who think it's easier in an election year to do nothing than to fight for what's right. Will you sign our petition urging Governor Ige to publicly say he cares for our kupuna?

When you sign, we'll add your name to the petition below:

Dear Governor Ige —

Caring for one another is a value we believe in, and it's what sets Hawaiʻi apart from the mainland. Our state should do all it can help make it more feasible for all of us to care for the ones we love.

A plan in the legislature, SB 2478 and HB 1885, will make it easier for everyone in Hawaiʻi to care for our kupuna. You've talked about governing with compassion and leading with our values, so we urge you to publicly support this plan to help Hawaiʻi care.

Thank you.