Tell the Senate: Raise the minimum wage for care workers

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UPDATE: In his State of the Union address, President Obama called for raising the minimum wage. With President Obama on our side, it's more important than ever that we increase our pressure on the US Senate and urge them to support home care workers by raising the minimum wage.

Home care workers—including the people who take care of our aging parents—spend long hours doing essential and difficult work every day.

But care jobs are too often low-wage jobs, and the people who work in this crucial field have difficulty supporting their own families on such low salaries. Many care workers survive on just the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Women make up the vast majority of the nearly two-million-person home care workforce—89 percent!—and more than half of all care workers are people of color. As more seniors and people with disabilities need more personalized care in coming years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that home care will be the fastest growing profession over the next ten years. We need to ensure these jobs are good jobs with fair wages.

Last year, the US Department of Labor finally extended basic on-the-job protections to home care workers. That landmark change is just the beginning of the road to opportunity for this workforce. More is needed, including fair wages.

Join us in urging the US Senate to raise the minimum wage so home care workers can better make ends meet.

When you add your name above, we will deliver the following letter to key members of the US Senate:

Members of the US Senate,

Millions of home care workers put in long hours at extremely low wages. They do the vital work of caring for our aging parents, young children, and people with disabilities, but they are too often unable to care for their own families.

For home care workers and the millions of other low-wage workers across the country, increasing the minimum wage would be a much-needed boost.

Please support an increase in the minimum wage to support home care workers so they can care for their own families.