It's time to bring family leave into the 21st century

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We need a system that provides paid leave for everyone, so nobody has to choose between a paycheck and caring for their family. We need to pass the FAMILY Act.

When it was signed in 1993, the Family Medical Leave Act was a groundbreaking law. It allowed qualifying employees to take up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave to care for a new child or sick family member, without the risk of losing their job.

But FMLA was always meant as a first step, not the final word in family leave.

On the 21st anniversary of the FMLA, it’s time to bring family leave into the 21st century.

The FAMILY Act would provide a portion of workers’ salaries for up to 12 weeks. It would ensure that nobody has to choose between caring for their family and keeping their paycheck.

We need your support to build pressure on Congress to pass the FAMILY Act. With our allies, we’re using today’s anniversary to urge members of the House and Senate to cosponsor the FAMILY Act.

When you sign, we’ll add your name to the letter below:

Members of the US House and Senate,

We urge you to cosponsor the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (the FAMILY Act) and stand up for working families.

Americans are struggling as our nation’s policies do not adequately address our health and economic needs. Millions of us are juggling full-time jobs while also caring for aging parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, or loved ones with disabilities.

Don't leave caregivers alone, forced to choose between what is best for us and our families on the one hand, and the income we need on the other. Support working families by cosponsoring the FAMILY Act today and help it get the broad political support it needs to pass.