The candidates need to care about care!

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Throughout the presidential campaign, we’ve heard a lot of discussion of the candidates’ missteps, gaffes, and divisive statements. It’s been entertaining, sure, but that’s no way to pick a president.

We need a more substantive presidential campaign. And the place to start is with caregiving.

Caregiving is an issue that already affects 100 million Americans, and that number will only grow as the Baby Boom generation ages and needs support to stay in their homes and communities.

It’s past time to come together as a society and begin planning to care for our aging loved ones. Every four years, our country has a big, public conversation about what we value, and presidential campaigns and the news media covering those campaigns have a responsibility to lead the national conversation about care.

Add your name today to demand a more substantive campaign, focused on caregiving. We’ll deliver the petition signatures to the major news networks that will hold general election debates.

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Caregiving is an issue that matters to millions of aging Americans and Americans with disabilities and their families, and it will only grow more important before the next election cycle. We can’t afford to elect a President who hasn’t thought about how to support caregivers. Political campaigns should talk about their caregiving plans — and the media should devote airtime and column inches to covering them — so that voters can make informed choices.