Tell President Obama: Home care workers deserve basic rights

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Home care workers should have the same basic protections and respect at work that other U.S. workers deserve. On the 75th anniversary of the federal law establishing minimum wage and overtime protections for America's workers, nearly two million home care workers are still excluded from these basic protections. In light of this historic moment, with your signatures, we can change that. 

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Dear President Obama and Director Burwell,

It’s been over 18 months since the Department of Labor proposed revisions to vital labor regulations. Two million home care workers are still waiting for equal labor rights. It is crucial that you finalize the proposed regulations to the Fair Labor Standards Act to include home care workers. Providing minimum wage and overtime protection to home care workers is an essential step in making stable and quality longterm care available in our communities.

Please act now to finalize the regulations that will protect home care workers' rights to minimum wage and overtime pay. Our families can’t afford to wait.