Justice for Charles Kinsey

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Charles Kinsey is a caregiver who works at a group home in Miami. He was recently shot by police. It probably comes as no surprise, Charles is Black.

He was caring for a young autistic man named Arnaldo from the group home. When the toy truck Arnaldo was carrying was mistaken for a gun, they were surrounded by police.

The video of the incident shows Charles repeatedly reassuring the officers that no one was in danger, and that Arnaldo was autistic and holding a toy truck. But instead of seeing Arnaldo’s fear and ongoing mental health crisis for what it was, police officers saw him as a threat.

On the video, Charles can be heard shouting, “There’s no need for firearms!” He was right. The police on the scene escalated the situation, instead of finding a peaceful solution.

This is all too common. People with disabilities account for between a third and a half of all people killed by law enforcement officers across the country. Police tend to be poorly trained in responding to people with disabilities, and are quick to resort to violence.

Show your support for Charles and Arnaldo, and demand a full investigation — and full accountability — for the police officer who shot at them.

When you sign, we’ll add your name to the petition below:

Dear Mayor Smith Joseph,

We are caregivers, care recipients, and advocates from around the country. After the shooting of Charles Kinsey, we are concerned. Caregivers should not have to fear for their lives while caring for others.

We urge you to direct the North Miami police department to conduct a full investigation and hold the shooter accountable for his actions.

We also urge you to listen to the recommendations of the Miami Committee on State Violence, to shift the department’s focus to community public safety, to end racial profiling, and to create a community public safety code of conduct -- one that does not involve pointing assault weapons at unarmed individuals.

Thank you.