Governor Brown: Respect caregivers in California

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The Department of Labor’s historic overtime regulations were intended to ensure the dignity of care work. Governor Brown’s plan to prevent California homecare workers from working more than 40 hours a week is essentially a pay cut for thousands of workers who already have a hard time making ends meet. And it sets a dangerous precedent that would allow other states to circumvent basic labor protections for their workforces.

States across the country are trying to come up with plans to respond to the Department of Labor’s wage and overtime regulation. Since it is the most populous state in the country, other states will look to California for guidance. We need to make sure that they see a positive role model.

Sign our petition to Governor Brown, and show him that America is watching:

Governor Brown,

Homecare workers do the important work of caring for our parents, grandparents, and loved ones. They deserve the same basic protections as all workers.

Your plan to cap care worker hours is short-sighted and sets a bad precedent for states across the country.

Please rescind your proposal to cap care worker hours and set a positive example for other states.