Help bring Elsa's son and caregiver Thomas home!

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Elsa and her son Thomas escaped a bloody civil war in their home country more than three decades ago. Thomas arrived in the United States when he was just five years old. This is the only home he's ever known.

But because of a paperwork mix-up, he never became a citizen when his mother did. Now, he's being held in an immigration detention center — and could be deported any day to a country where he doesn't even know the language.

Meanwhile, Elsa more than misses her son. She needs him. Thomas is also the primary caregiver for his mom, who has been left without the support she needs.

When you sign, we'll deliver the message below to the ICE officers in charge of Thomas' case:

I am concerned with the detention and potential deportation of Thomas Amanuel, A 025-303-038. He became a refugee when he was just one year old, and has lived in Portland, Oregon, since he was five. His elderly mother, who is a US citizen, depends on his assistance as he is her primary caregiver. If deported, he would be sent back to a country he does not know. I urge you to use prosecutorial discretion and release Thomas from detention.