Ask Congress to reauthorize the Older Americans Act!

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After months of advocacy from Caring Across Generations members, and our friends and allies, the Senate just unanimously approved a bill reauthorizing the Older Americans Act.

Now the bill goes to the House of Representatives. House members have been working on their own version of the bill for weeks, and it's important that they act soon to ensure that the bill passes this year.

Popular support helped push the bill through the Senate. We need your help to get it through the House. Sign our petition today using the form above!

When you sign, we’ll deliver the following message to House Speaker John Boehner:

Speaker Boehner —

The Senate just passed a bill reauthorizing the Older Americans Act. We know the House will continue its work to reauthorize the OAA, and we urge you to support families by acting quickly.

The OAA provides vital supports for seniors and caregivers — like funding Meals on Wheels and senior centers, as well as caregiver trainings and respite services. But it expired four years ago, and since then funding has been cut despite our growing senior population.

Americans care about our aging loved ones and the families that care for them. Please ensure that the Older Americans Act’s supports will be there for them in the future.